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Great food for corporate events in Park Hills, KY

Choose Chef Barone's Catering for corporate events and other gatherings in the Park Hills area. We can even provide breakfast! From delightful desserts to appetizers, we have your food needs covered, and at a reasonable price as well. Our menu items are always prepared fresh, and we have a good range of things to select from for your event. Please browse some of our choices here and let us know what you need. We'll be happy to help you get things all squared away.
Fruit salad on white table



HOT BREAKFAST #1                   $9.45
Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Hash browns, Biscuits and gravy, Assorted juice, and Coffee

HOT BREAKFAST #2                    $9.95
Egg Casserole, Bacon, Sausage, Hash brown Casserole, Biscuits and gravy, assorted juice, coffee

HOT BREAKFAST #3                    $7.75
Assorted hot breakfast sandwiches-Ham and Cheese, Bacon, eggs and cheese (sandwiches are made on a croissant or biscuits), fresh fruit salad, assorted juice, coffee

DELUXE HOT BREAKFAST            $10.45
Egg Casserole, Bacon, Sausage, Hash Brown Casserole, Biscuits and gravy, Pancakes with syrup, Fresh fruit salad, Assorted juice and Coffee

Assorted Danish, Donuts, Home made Assorted Muffins, Assorted Bagels with cream cheese, fresh fruit salad, Coffee, Assorted Juice                                  

*All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice
 Please Call For Most Current Pricing
Breaded chicken fingers

Cocktail hors d'oeuvres

Choose Any Three (3)                Choose Any Four (4)
   Sweet-N-Sour Chicken Strips               Raw Vegetables With Dip
                                                            Fresh Fruit With Dip
   Meatballs with Barbecue sauce            Cubed Cheese & Pepperoni
   Mini Egg Or Rye Bun Sandwiches        Cheese Balls W/ Crackers
   Meatballs With Sweet-N-Sour Sauce Rolled Salami &Cream
   Hanky Panky                                              Cheese
   Finger Sandwiches                              Taco Dip With Nacho's
   Cocktail Wieners With                         Bacon Breadstick With Spinach Dip
     Barbecue Sauce                               Chicken Salad With Crackers     
   Chicken & Fruit Kabob's (Add .50)         Bagel Dip w/ Bagel pieces        
   Egg Rolls (Add .25)                             Bacon & Tomato Dip w/ Crackers           
   Hot Chicken Wings                              Mini Tortilla Wraps w/ spicy Salsa
   Spicy Chicken Fingers                         Caprese Skewers (tomato, basil, fresh
   Breaded Chicken Fingers w/side sauce     mozzarella balls, balsamic glaze)       
   Warm Shredded Beef Barbecue           Crabmeat spread with crackers              
     w/ Mini Buns                                      Antipasto Tray
   Mini Chicken Cordon Blue (Add .50)      
   Stuffed Mushroom Caps (Add .35)

Mini Phyllo Cups Filled w/Bacon Dip or Spinach & Artichoke dip ( add .50)                 
Mini Potato Pancake w/ Seasoned Cheese and Salami Garnish
Hot Spinach & Artichoke dip with nacho chips

Chicken Buffalo dip served with nacho chips or crackers

Prices For A Total Of 7 Hors d'oeuvres please call for order under 75*
300+           200-299       100-199       75-99
$10.20        $10.30         $10.40         $10.50

*Other appetizers available or special requests taken
**Shrimp cocktail available add $3.95 per person
***All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice
       Please Call For Most Current Pricing
Brownie dessert on a white plate


Assorted Cheese Cake-       Large piece                      $2.75

                                                   Small piece                      $1.50

   Brownies                                                   $0.95*
   Turtle Brownies                                         $1.35*
   Assorted Cookies                                       $0.65 Each*
   Chocolate or Lemon Delight                      $32 (Serves 25)*
   Cakes ~ Chocolate, Carrot, Pineapple upside
   Down, red velvet cake                                $30 per cake~ serves 35
   Pies- Pumpkin, Apple Or Cherry                $9.00 A Pie (Serves 8)*
   Apple, Cherry or Peach Crisp                   $30.00 (Serves 25)*

    Assorted Cupcakes                             $18.95 per doz. Or $1.75 each      
All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice
    Please Call For Most Current Pricing
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